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Members Meet at Air Venture 2021

by Kurt Gearhart

This years event was a great success! Attendance was over 600K with more than 10,000 airplanes and 12,000 campsites.

Below: Chapter 1614 members (and guests) gathered on Compass Hill near the EAA Chapel to share experiences and Air Venture comradery.


Chapter 1614 members have impact on EAA

At Bell 47 operations near Kid Venture, two Chapter 1614 volunteers make Air Venture memories by helping visitors enjoy rides in helicopters ($55 - I knew you would ask). Kurt Gearhart helped load passengers into the helicopters and Darwin Barrie flew each day in a Bell 47. The operation flies from 8 AM till 6 PM every day (weather and air show permitting) providing 5 minutes of one of the best views available of the Air Venture event.

Below Darwin flies a father and son in Bell 47 N474JP - previously owned by Jeff Pino of Stellar Airpark. This beautiful example of a Bell 47 is one of four used by the operation every year.

Below Kurt at Bell 47 operations pausing flights while the Goodyear blimp arrives.

John Morris also volunteers at EAA Warbird maintenance during Air Venture 2021. Pictured below at Air Venture (L to R) is Greg Cameron (Chapter Pres.), John Morris and Kurt Gearhart (Chapter VP and YE chair).


EAA Chapter 1614 member Darwin Barrie wins Grand Champion Kitbuilt at Air Venture 2021.

Pictured above: Darwin and wife, Kelly

Above: Darwin painted the names of everyone who helped during construction of his RV-7 on the fuselage.


Chapter 1614 family pays tribute to their grandfather (Arnie's father). The Evdokimos vacation together at AirVenture, but take a moment to remember a loved one whose memory is etched in stone at the EAA arch.


All photos by Kurt Gearhart

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